The Officials 2022

We also need to introduce the team of officials for the 2022 Cricket On Ice Trophy.

The umpires are charged with keeping the tournament on time and to ensure that every match is played within the Spirit Of Cricket-On-Ice, in addition to making the occasional decision!

Our scorer(s) will document all the action and this will transferred into cricHQ by Asvin Lakkaraju for us to enjoy for generations to come!

The team of officials for this year's event are made up of six umpires - Peter de Boeck (B), Onesimus Koilraj (CH), Alex Mackay (CH), David Wormald (UK), Oliver Wessely (CH) & Krishna Varahan (CH) and scorers: Miriam Lodge (SMCC), Anup Vyas (OCs) & from LAZ, Penguins, AIDS UK & Touring Cavaliers.

Enjoy the tournament!

Officials' Allocations 2022

Date Time Teams Umpires Scorers
17 Feb 10am Old Cholmeleians v Touring Cavaliers  PdB, OW AV,
  11.30am St. Moritz CC v AID UK CC  OK, KV ML,
  1pm Lyceum Alpinum XI v Penguins XI  AM, DW  
18 Feb 10am Loser Game B v Winner Game C  OK, DW  
  11.30am Winner Game A v Loser Game C  AM, OW  
  1pm Winner Game B v Loser Game A  PdB, KV  
19 Feb 10am tbc v tbc  AM, KV  
  11.30am tbc v tbc  OW, OK  
  1pm tbc v tbc  PdB, DW