Cricket on Ice tournament rules

compiled by Alexander Mackay (last amended: 13.2.2024)

The Cricket on Ice tournament respects the international MCC laws of cricket, except where:


  1. Unless amended by the organisers, the tournament consists of eight teams that compete in two round-robin style qualification groups, with 2 points awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie/draw, no points for a loss.
  2. Net Run Rate (NRR) will determine league standings for teams equal on points.
  3. Games consist of 20 overs per innings, unless reduced by the organisers prior to the tournament or the officials.
  4. Bowlers are limited to 1/5th of the allotted overs
    (i.e. 20 overs = 4, 15 overs = 3, 10 overs = 2).
  5. Games begin as per the match schedule published on the website.
  6. The toss will take place 20 minutes before the scheduled start time and may be made adjacent to the field of play if a match is still in progress.
  7. Balls are supplied by the tournament organiser.
  8. A ball passing the batsman above the waist on the full at the popping crease is a no-ball.
  9. Ball not pitching on the matting (pitch) is a no-ball.
  10. Other than pitching off the mat, all no-balls qualify as a "Free-hit".
  11. A maximum of two bounces before the ball reaches the batsman are permitted. Any ball exceeding this is deemed a no-ball.
  12. A ball that does not bounce and runs along the ground and breaks the wicket will be deemed a dead ball, but still count as one of the over (i.e. dot ball).
  13. A ball passing behind the batsman on the leg outside the profile is a wide.
  14. Fielders are permitted to wear gloves & sunglasses and must wear the clothing provided by the tournament organisers.
  15. A powerplay is affective for the first 6 overs for a twenty over match, 5 overs for a 15 over match, 4 overs for a 10 over match.
  16. During the powerplay not more than two fielders are permitted outside the circle.
  17. During the remaining of the match, not more than five fielders are permitted outside the circle.
  18. Not more than five fielders are permitted on the leg-side at any time.
  19. Not more than two fielders are permitted behind square at any time.
  20. All extras will count as two run extras and will not be re-bowled. During this time a Wide will take preference over a No-Ball.
  21. In the last over, a Wide & No-Ball will count as 2 Extras and will be re-bowled.
  22. The batting side will be awarded 10 penalty runs for every full over outstanding after the allotted time for an innings (4 minutes per over).
  23. Batsmen must wear the protective pads provided.
  24. There is no limit to the number of substitutes, but the officials must be made aware of all changes.
  25. No more than eleven fielders are permitted on the field of play at any one time.
  26. Specified members of the media (photographers/TV) may be tolerated on the field during play.
  27. The umpires decision is final and without recourse.

Please note: The tournament depends entirely on the spirit of cricket & everyone demonstrating respect, fairness & friendship for each other & the game.


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“For when the One Great Scorer comes, to mark against your name,

he writes - not that you won or lost -, but how you played the game.”

From the poem "Alumnus Football" by Grantland Rice