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Press Release 2018
Press Release - Cricket on Ice 2018.pdf
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Cricket on St Moritz lake
Mumbai Mirror / 24 April 2017 - Ranveer Singh in St Moritz
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Wer hat's erfunden?
BILANZ Magazine ICON Schweiz / April 2017 - Barbara Krämer (Text) und Massimo Rodari (Foto)
Cricket ICONCH 30.03.17.pdf
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SLIPPERY WICKET - Gentlemen Gardeners XI take on St Morit CC at 30th Cricket On Ice held on frozen lake in St Moritz
Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 26 February 2017
SLIPPERY WICKET - Daily Telegraph Sunday
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FINAL WHISTLE - Cracks Appear for Legendary Cricket on Ice
by Simon Briggs - Saturday 25 February 2017
FINAL WHISTLE - Daily Telegraph, Saturda
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Press release 2017
Cricket on Ice 2017 - Press Release.pdf
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Cricket on Ice in St Moritz - BBC World Service STUMPED (23.02.2016)

Every February in the Swiss mountain town St. Moritz, hardy cricketers from around the world meet to compete in 'Cricket on Ice'.


Verrückte Gentlemen - Tages Anzeiger (Montag 22.2.2016)
Auf den gefrorenen St Moritzersee wird auch Cricket gespielt. Jeden Winter seit fast 30 Jahren gibt es ein internationales Turnier.
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Engadiner Post (Posta Ladina) - Samstag, 20. Februar 2016
Britisches Flair auf Schnee - Das Turnier Cricket on Ice ist ein einmalige Sache
COI Engadiner Post (Posta Ladina) - Sams
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Financial Times - Financial Times (Saturday 13th February 2016)
Cricket On Ice is pictured on the front page of the "House & Garden" section of the Financial Times.
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The world's best cricket grounds? Castle's, cows & carpets - (02.01.2016)
Cricket on Ice in St Moritz makes no, 21 in this article.


Press release 2016
Cricket on Ice 2016 - Press Release.pdf
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ACO officials at the 28th Cricket on Ice Tropy 2015 (19.-20.2.2015)
ACO Magazine - issue 22, Spring 2015
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Download - Friday, February 20, 2015
TheCricketPaper - page 24.pdf
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Cricket on Ice sin il lai da San Murezzan

Telesguard, Ier, 17.39 (Friday, 20 Februar 2015)


Press Release 2015
Cricket on Ice 2015 - Press Release.pdf
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  Article about COI on Sports Imitates Life website

  by Rajan Thambehalli


Press Release 2014
Cricket on Ice 2014 - Press Release.pdf
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Press Release 2013
Cricket on Ice 2013 - Press Release.pdf
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  Cricket on Ice - St. Moritz, Switzerland
  CNN ireport - February 19, 2013 by eternal77


Cricket on Ice 2012 - Press Coverage
Neue Zürcher Zeitung / Engadiner Post / InnEngadin / Hotel Revue
Cricket on Ice 2012 - Press Coverage.pdf
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Financial Times 2009
Cricket on Ice - FT - February 2009.pdf
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The Times 2008
Cricket on Ice - Press Coverage 2008.pdf
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Neue Zürcher Zeitung 2008
Cricket on Ice - Neue Zuercher Zeitung -
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Cricket on Ice - alles ein bisschen anders - NZZ, 8 Februar 1993
Eine urenglische Sommer- und Schönwettersportart wird in St. Moritz winterfest
COI NZZ (8 Feb 1993).pdf
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Swiss shade it on slippy wicket that rather lacks in moisture - The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 9 February 1993
GEOFFREY DEAN sees a man from Qatar keep his feet to ensure an England cricket team suffer an unlikely 'international' defeat
COI Daily Telegraph 9 Feb 1993.pdf
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Inoffizielles Länderspiel auf dem St. Moritzersee - Engadiner Post (Donnerstag, 11 Februar 1993)
COI_Engadiner Post - 11 February 1993.pd
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Selected Press review 1993-1996
Cricket on Ice - Press References 1993-
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Snow ball - Daily Mail, 8 February 1992
KATE DUNDAS on the only cricket match in the world played on ice
Snow ball - Daily Mail, 8 February 1992.
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Bagging ducks on the frozen lake - The Independent (5 Feb 1991)
Simon Hughes, the Middlesex bowler, watches no-balls replace snowballs
COI_The Independent (5 Feb 1991).pdf
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St Moritz CRICKET ON ICE - Winter 1990
COI 1990.pdf
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Cricket on the Ice at Davos Platz - Illustrated Mail, 26 January 1901
Illustrated Mail - 26 January 1901.pdf
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