Roggenhorn CC

Roggenhorn CC

Roggenhorn CC is a family based cricket club in Klosters which started during lock down. They have a great net, bowling machine and just love to play cricket. Roggenhorn also like to teach locals about the game and try and grow cricket in the Swiss alps.

Cricket on Ice in 2023 was their 1st competitive tournament/match.

#COI 2024 Trophy participants
#COI 2024 Trophy participants

Roggenhorn CC 2024

The Roggenhorn CC squad has been announced as follows:

  1. Chris Southwell *
  2. Pete Filmer
  3. John Royle (**)
  4. Dom Steptoe
  5. Tom Astridge
  6. Toby Astridge
  7. Will Lawton
  8. Bobby Ryopponen
  9. Matt Rickard 
  10. Percy Sewell
  11. Harry Renshaw
  12. Sahil Sangani
  13. Parm
  14. Julien 
  15. Toby Marriott
  16. Jack Meacher
Roggenhorn CC
Roggenhorn CC