Lyceum Alpinum XI

Lyceum Alpinum XI

The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is a Swiss International Boarding School with a century old tradition of playing cricket in the Swiss Alps. The cricket team has players from all over the world as the school student-body is made up of over 45 nationalities.

Lyceum Alpinum XI at Cricket on Ice

Boarding students are typically sons & daughters of international businessmen & women (not necessarily based in Switzerland), catering for international students by offering German, Swiss, British & American educational systems. Cricket & Eton Fives are two sports that are traditionally played at the school to assist in developing character & team building skills. And there is always a professional cricket coach at hand at the school.

LAZ squad 2024

The Lyceum Alpinum squad in 2024 lines up as follows:

  1. Sebastiano Silvio Prospero *
  2. Jasper Lau
  3. Eric Manuel Schlumberger **
  4. Konrad Friederich Waltenberg
  5. Ainur Bashirov 
  6. Konstantin Alfred Waltenberg 
  7. Luke Donald Vrijvogel +
  8. Robin Tudeberg 
  9. Sky-Veyron Reinecken **
  10. Nicole Lau
  11. Yasuyuki Kuroki
  12. Noah-Armando Arnim Reinecken
  13. Fevzi Eren Sürmeli
  14. Sienna Aliya Christa Hammer
  15. Barbara Chaves Rodrigues
  16. Fortis Cordula
  17. Killian Hagen
  18. Nellie Alma Mila Korn
  19. Paulina Küng 
  20. Lukas Wallhoff
    Scorer: tba