Lyceum Alpinum XI

The Lyceum Alpinum is an international & private boarding school just 25 kilometres along the valley from St Moritz in Zuoz.

The cricket XI is made up predominantly of students from the school, but also include school-masters, cricket coaches and Old Boys of the school.

Boarding students are typically sons & daughters of international businessmen & women (not necessarily based in Switzerland), catering for international students by offering German, Swiss, British & American educational systems. Cricket & Eton Fives are two sports that are traditionally played at the school to assist in developing character & team building skills. And there is always a professional cricket coach at hand at the school.

LAZ squad

The Lyceum Alpinum squad will be announced in due course:

  1. Victor Benthin
  2. Leon Grothe
  3. Dea Schmidt
  4. Sebastiano Prospero
  5. Elisabeth Lahtinen
  6. Kevin Tudeberg
  7. Percy Albrecht
  8. Carl Clement
  9. Eric Schlumberger
  10. Jason Zhao
  11. Penny Albrecht
  12. Lawrence Yin
  13. Tallulah Görtz
  14. Jil-Luisa Kant
  15. Egor Dedyukhin
  16. Alexandre Walter
  17. Kristof Kertesz
  18. Nicolo Pellegrini
  19. Maximilian Plössl
    Scorer: tba