Touring Cavaliers XI

Cricketers from Nomads (London) CC, Gloucestershire Gipsies CC, Menorca CC (Spain), Romany (London) CC & Amigos (Portugal) CC merge as one team as Touring Cavaliers XI to contend for the Cricket on Ice 2022 Trophy.

For most, this is not their first year competing in this very prestigious event. They look forward to a great tournament playing in the spirit of the game and making new friends.

#COI Trophy participants Touring Cavaliers XI
#COI Trophy participants Touring Cavaliers XI

Touring Cavaliers XI

The Touring Cavaliers XI squad will be announced in due course:

  1. Bill Johnson
  2. Byron Longstaff
  3. Chet Malhotra
  4. Jason Caunt
  5. Jonathan King
  6. Paul Marshall
  7. Peter Price
  8. Piers Vacher
  9. Royston Sturgeon
  10. Sajjad Shawl
  11. Stuart Wilson
  12. Geer Zhao
    Scorer: Nigel Green