Touring Cavaliers XI

Cricketers from Nomads (London) CC, Gloucestershire Gipsies CC, Menorca CC (Spain), Romany (London) CC & Amigos (Portugal) CC as from around the world, merge as one team as Touring Cavaliers XI to contend for the Cricket on Ice 2022 Trophy.

#COI Trophy participants Touring Cavaliers XI
#COI Trophy participants Touring Cavaliers XI

For most, this is not their first year competing in this very prestigious event. They look forward to a great tournament playing in the spirit of the game and making new friends.

Touring Cavaliers XI 2024

The Touring Cavaliers XI squad has been announced as follows:

  1. William (Bill) Johnson *
  2. Chetan Malhotra
  3. Alex Bryant
  4. Joe Snow
  5. James Snow
  6. Connor Walden 
  7. Marc Veal 
  8. Greg Veal 
  9. Hussein Abbas 
  10. Vishal Trivedi 
  11. Max Hoegenauer +
  12. Brian Strong
  13. Maxi Stamm
  14. Kevin Lodge 

  15. Scorer: tbc