Announcing COI 2024

(Sun, 19 Mar 2023)

COI 2023 charity donation

(Sun, 16 Apr 2023)

Cricket on Ice 2023 gala dinner guests raised Fr 2554.10 for the Swiss League against Cancer (Krebsliga Schweiz).

Since 2018, the Krebsliga Schweiz has been our chosen charity. Each year 50% of the gala dinner raffle proceeds are donated to the charity to support those with cancer & to projects to research ways to cure & prevent cancer.

If you would like to make a personal donation you can go to the Krebsliga Graubünden website.


Guards win COI Trophy 2023

(Sun, 19 Feb 2023)

COI Trophy 2023 finalists
COI Trophy 2023 finalists

Guards CC won the 2023 Cricket on Ice Trophy, beating hosts St Moritz by 9 wickets in the final on day 4 of the tournament played on Saturday 18th February 2023.

Introducing the 2023 officials

(Sat, 28 Jan 2023)

It only leaves us to introduce the team of officials for the 2023 Cricket On Ice Trophy.

The umpires are charged with keeping the tournament on time and to ensure that every match is played within the Spirit Of Cricket-On-Ice, in addition to making the occasional decision!

Our scorer(s) will document all the action and this will transferred into cricHQ by Asvin Lakkaraju for us to enjoy for generations to come!

Introducing Guards CC

(Fri, 27 Jan 2023)

In the last of our series of introductions of teams participating in the 2023 Cricket On Ice Trophy, we turn our attention to #COI debutantes, Guards Cricket Club.

Guards Cricket Club is the cricket team for officers and soldiers of the Guards and Household Cavalry.

Guards CC welcomes serving and veteran members of the Household Division to play in fixtures at Burton Court, Chelsea throughout the summer months. Playing a sociable brand of cricket, the team looks forward to meeting and competing against the other teams, both on the lake and in the bar.


Guards Cricket Club
Guards Cricket Club

Introducing Strokers CC

(Thu, 26 Jan 2023)

Next in our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are #COI debutantes, the Strokers Cricket Club.


Formed in 2011, The Strokers are an aging bunch of cricketing bon viveurs, enlivened with a smattering of the next generation. 
The Strokers may not win the cricket but they expect to win the social! Strokers CC have links to Oundle School (Northhamptonshire) and the surrounding area. 

The Southwick Strokers Cricket Club
The Southwick Strokers Cricket Club

The Strokers value the man above the player!

Engadiner Bier

(Thu, 26 Jan 2023)

Engadiner Bier

St Moritz Cricket Club is pleased to announce that Engadiner Bier will make a star appearance again at the bar at this year's Cricket on Ice tournament!

Introducing Old Cholmeleians XI

(Wed, 25 Jan 2023)

In our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 it is now the turn of #COI regulars, the Old Cholmeleians XI.

The Old Cholmeleians are old boys of Highgate School, a private school situated in North London. Highgate pupils excel academically & in sport and there are many famous ex-pupils that include judges, solicitors, politicians, pop singers, professional cricketer (including Phil `Tuffers` Tufnell) and athletes.

Old Cholmeleians XI at COI in 2020
Old Cholmeleians XI at COI in 2020

Jonathan Whitcombe said: "We love the picture-postcard scenery, the beautiful mountains in front and behind, the amazing Engadin blue sky (much of the time!) and light - the whole relaxing atmosphere of the resort. Fantastic mountain walks. It caters for all sorts, winter and summer".

Introducing Lyceum Alpinum XI

(Tue, 24 Jan 2023)

The next team in our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are St Moritz neighbours and #COI regulars, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.

The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is a Swiss International Boarding School with a century old tradition of playing cricket in the Swiss Alps. The cricket team has players from all over the world as the school student-body is made up of over 45 nationalities.

Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz at COI in 2022
Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz at COI in 2022

Boarding students are typically sons & daughters of international businessmen & women (not necessarily based in Switzerland), catering for international students by offering German, Swiss, British & American educational systems. Cricket & Eton Fives are two sports that are traditionally played at the school to assist in developing character & team building skills. And there is always a professional cricket coach at hand at the school.

Introducing German CC

(Mon, 23 Jan 2023)

We turn our attention to the next team in our series of introductions of participants in the Cricket On Ice Trophy 2023, to experienced #COIers, German CC.

German CC

The German Cricket Club is a representative club for the sport in Germany. Members are former German national players, supporters of the game and young and old who play in the right spirit of the game. Also, many Old Boys from the Lyceum Alpinum are playing in the club. We want to promote continental, but especially German cricket all over Europe. The goal is to get cricket on the list of official school sports.

German Cricket Club at #COI 2018
German Cricket Club at #COI 2018

Introducing Roggenhorn

(Sun, 22 Jan 2023)

The next team in our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are #COI debutantes Roggenhorn CC.

Cricketers from Klosters in Switzerland make up the Roggenhorn Cricket Club and compete as debutantes at the Cricket on Ice 2023 Trophy.

#COI Trophy 2023 participants Roggenhorn CC
#COI Trophy 2023 participants Roggenhorn CC

Roggenhorn CC is a family based cricket club in Klosters which started during lock down. They have a great net, bowling machine and just love to play cricket. Roggenhorn also like to teach locals about the game and try and grow cricket in the Swiss alps. Cricket on Ice is their 1st competitive tournament/match.

Introducing Gussets XI

(Sat, 21 Jan 2023)

The next team in our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are #COI debutantes Gussets XI.

The Gussets were formed in 1988 and were named after the famous Victorian seamstress Florence Gusset (long story).

Gussets CC in Bordeaux in 2021
Gussets CC in Bordeaux in 2021

The Gussets are made up of cricket enthusiasts who became friends whilst playing school and university cricket with and against each other. Having played together for 35 years they know each others weaknesses and long forgotten our strengths.

This is their third overseas tour following South Africa in 1996/97 and Bordeaux in 2021. Now the wrong side of 50 – whilst their bodies may be broken, rather tragically their competitive spirit is not. Hoping the ice is nice and thick or we may lose a few of our more prosperous players.

Introducing St Moritz CC

(Fri, 20 Jan 2023)

The first team in our series of introductions of participating teams that will compete for the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are #COI hosts St Moritz Cricket Club.

St Moritz Cricket Club are your hosts for arguably the most prestigious but certainly the most unique event in the Swiss cricketing calendar, the Cricket on Ice Trophy #COI.

St Moritz CC at COI in 2022
St Moritz CC at COI in 2022

St Moritz Cricket Club (strictly by invitation only) are a conglomeration of friends & guests of Cricket on Ice.

SMCC draws cricketing talent from across Switzerland & the world. Over the years the team has included some famous current & ex-international cricketers, Swiss & foreign dignitaries, players from the Swiss cricketing community & friends of the President.

Match schedule 2023

(Thu, 19 Jan 2023)

The match schedule for Cricket On Ice 2023 has been announced & published on the Cricket on Ice website.
The hosts, St Moritz Cricket Club, start the tournament against Old Cholmeleians XI from Highgate in London at 10am on Wednesday 15th February on pitch 1, while Roggenhorn CC from Klosters play debutantes Strokers CC on pitch 2.
Refer to the "Team Information" for details on all the teams at Cricket On Ice 2023.

Chosen Charity 2023

(Wed, 18 Jan 2023)

The Cricket On Ice chosen charity in 2023 is the Krebsliga Schweiz.


krebsliga schweiz


During the course of the event we will ask for donations for the Swiss League against Cancer (Krebsliga Schweiz) as we intend to raise money for this charity.

Live streaming at COI 2023

(Tue, 17 Jan 2023)

European Cricket Network

We are very pleased to announce that WCCtv will stream selected matches on each day of this year's Cricket On Ice trophy.

Cameras around the boundary will ensure we catch all the shots, wickets and decisions on the field and broadcast everything live on the WCCtv twitch channel and on YouTube.

Participating teams 2023

(Mon, 16 Jan 2023)

The teams that will compete in the four-day Twenty20 format 2023 Cricket On Ice Trophy are St Moritz Cricket Club (hosts), Old Cholmeleians (Highgate, London), Lyceum Alpinum (Zuoz), Roggenhorn Cricket Club (Klosters, Switzerland), Guards Cricket Club (London, England), Gussets (London, England), German Cricket Club (Munich, Germany) & Strokers (Northamptonshire, England).

Over the next few weeks we will introduce old & new faces in a series of short articles on our website & social media pages as we build up to the competition (15th-18th February 2023).

Tournament sponsors 2023

(Sun, 15 January 2023)

St Moritz Cricket Club acknowledge the generosity of our tournament sponsors & supporters without whom the Cricket On Ice Trophy 2023 wouldn't be possible.

The 2023 CPI tournament gala dinner will be hosted by Hotel Steffani in St Moritz Dorf.

The evening begins with an apéro from 7pm, kindly sponsored by our hosts, the Hotel Steffani after which guests will be invited to be seated for a delightful four-course meal created by the Hotel Steffani kitchen staff soon after 7.30pm.

Cricket on Ice posters 2023

(St Moritz, 13.1.2023)

Cricket on Ice poster thumbnail 2023

Cricket on Ice posters 2022 will be available soon from the St Moritz CC online merchandising store and St Moritz Tourismus shop in St Moritz.

We are recruiting experienced umpires & scorers to officiate at Cricket on Ice trophy tournament in St Moritz (15.-18.2.2023).

Free Gala Dinner and lunches on the ice every day of the tournament, plus the experience of a life-time are the minimum you can expect in return!

Contact Alex Mackay for more information.

Announcing Cricket on Ice 2023

(St Moritz, 01 Sep 2022)

Cricket on Ice 2023 will take place on the lake of St Moritz from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th February 2023.

8 teams will participate in this 4-day T20 competition for the honour of lifting the prestigious #COI trophy at the biggest ever Cricket on Ice trophy tournament yet!