Top 10 Winter Sports in the World

Depending on where you are, winter can be extremely harsh. It is a time that you find yourself so limited in the activities you can engage in during the day or night. While most people will jog from one point to another, or hit the gym in earnest, there are specific sports that are more suited for winter, and here is the full list.

#10. Skeleton

The game of skeleton was first rolled out in the 2002 Winter Olympics. It uses a simple concept of sliding with a flat sled on a frozen track, body facing down. Riders can slide to speeds above 130 kilometers per hour.

#9. Curling

Curling is one of the most popular winter sports in recent times, where two 4-aside teams take turns to slide heavy, polished granite stones on an ice curling sheet to hit a circular target. Nicknamed “the chess of ice”, the game takes a lot of teamwork and a good strategy to identify the right placement for different situations.

#8. Bobsled

This winter sport is played by teams of two or four, who run down iced tracks in sleds powered by granite. They take turns to run through twisting and banked tracks, with the winners determined by the time taken to complete the track.

#7. Nordic Combined

The Nordic Combined is a winter sport involving competing in a cross-country-like skiing and jumping. It was first introduced in the Winter Olympics calendar way back in 1924, and remains an attractive prospect to date.

#6. Slopestyle Snowboarding

This one involves snowboarding or skiing through a course comprising of a variety of barriers or obstacles, for example, jumps, rails, or other terrain features.

#5. Ski Jumping

In ski jumping, a simple concept is applied. Skiers take off through a descending ramp, jump at the end, and try to fly as far as possible. Points are awarded according to style and distance of jump.

#4. Ice Hockey

It should be one of the most popular winter sports, played consistently in different winter games. Ice hockey is played just like the ordinary hockey game, but by skaters who try shooting puck using sticks.

#3. Figure Skating

Figure skating was the first winter sport to be included in the Olympics in 1908. It is played by individuals, teams, or duos who perform their skates on ice. It currently has four categories; singles, pair skating, and ice dancing.

#2. Alpine Skiing

Participants use sophisticated skiing equipment to slide down hills covered by snow. It is mainly practiced in fixed-heel bindings, with professionals and amateur snowboarders practicing in ski resorts. It is a bit complicated for the ordinary skier, and takes a lot of practice due to the number of skiers needing medical attention from the activity.

#1. Alpine Snowboarding

Introduced into the Winter Olympics calendar as recently as 1998, Alpine Snowboarding is practiced on special grounds. With special skiing gear, including a skateboard, participants take to zigzag rails of snow at different speeds to cover a particular distance. The further you go without falling off the rail, or losing track, the better.