Cricket on Ice Trophy 2021 cancelled

(St Moritz, 12 November 2020)


Cricket On Ice 2021 becomes the latest victim of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
St Mortz Cricket Club, the organisers & hosts of Cricket on Ice, the annual cricket tournament that takes places on the frozen lake of St Moritz each February, has announced that the 2021 event has had to be cancelled.

ECN confirm attendance in 2021

(St Moritz, 24 August 2020)

European Cricket Network

We are very pleased to announce that the European cricket Network (ECN) will be at every match of Cricket On Ice to catch all the action.


Wicket-cams and cameras around the boundary will catch all the action! All the shots, wickets and decisions on the field will be broadcast live on the ECN Facebook channel.

Announcing Cricket on Ice 2021

(St Moritz, 4 August 2020)

Cricket on Ice (St Moritz, 13-15.2.2020)

Cricket on Ice 2021 will take place on the lake of St Moritz from Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th February 2021.

4 teams will participate in this 3-day T20 competition for the honour of lifting the prestigious Cricket On Ice Trophy.