29th Cricket on Ice tournament

(Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th February 2018)

Cricket on Ice 2018, the 29th Cricket on Ice Trophy Tournament and the most prestigious event in the domestic Swiss cricketing calendar took place on the lake of St Moritz from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th February 2018.

Cricket on Ice 2018 (08-10 February 2018)
Cricket on Ice 2018 (08-10 February 2018)

Old Cholmeleians XI won three from three games to win the event for the second successive year.

Match schedule & results

Date Time Teams
Wed 7th February 7.30pm Pre-tournament meeting at Hotel Sonne
Thu 8th February 10am Old Cholmeleians v Old Paulines CC
  1pm St Moritz CC v Lyceum Alpinum
Fri 9th February 10am Lyceum Alpinum v Old Cholmeleians
  1pm Old Paulines CC v St Moritz CC
Sat 10th February 10am Old Paulines CC v Lyceum Alpinum
  1pm Old Cholmeleians v St Moritz CC
St Moritz Cricket Club
Old Cholmeleians XI
Lyceum Alpinum XI
Old Paulines CC

Match 1

Old Chomleleians 132-7 in 20.0 overs (M Khalique 35; A Barnes 4.0-0-12-3) beat

Old Paulines 96ao in 18.0 overs (J Halliwell 27, A Barnes 20; J.Bramhall 3.0-0-12-2, K Memon 4.0-0-8-4) by 36 runs

Match scorecard

Match 2

Lyceum Alpinum 143-8 in 20.0 overs (A b Jung 35, J Fay 27; C Lodge 4.0-0-25-2) beat

St Moritz 105-4 in 20.0 overs (P.Fernando 25, G Thoppae 35no; J King 3.0-0.18.2) by 9 runs (D/L)

Match scorecard

Match 3

Lyceum Alpinum 115-4 in 20.0 overs (A A 22, J Fay 28*, P Miles 42*) lost to

Old Cholmeleians 116-3 in 20.0 overs (O Bishop 25, E Tse 40; S Graber 4.0-0-16-2) by 7 wkts

Match scorecard

Match 4

Old Paulines 121-8 in 20.0 overs (A Barnes 22, B Bisht 20; A Pratt 4.0-0-27-2, C Lodge 2.0-0-8-2) lost to

St Moritz 122-5 in 19.5 overs (P Shikare 56) by 5 wkts

Match scorecard

Match 5

Lyceum Alpinum 145-4 in 20.0 overs (J King 65*, J Halliwell 4.0-0-15-2, B Bisht 4.0-0-21-2) beat

Old Paulines 112ao in 18.1. overs (S Johnson 25, C Rafoi 4.0-0-22-3) by 33 runs

Match scorecard

Match 6

Old Chomeleians 107-9 in 20.0 overs (M Khalique 31, I Duncan 20; A Pratt 4.0-0-20-2, C Lodge 4.0-0-33-2) beat

St Moritz CC 104-7 in 20.0 overs (K Memon 37, P Fernando 39; E Tse 4.0-0-20-3, O Bishop 4.0-0-16-3) by 3 runs

Match scorecard

Drinks & lunches will be served on the ice between every match by Hotel Schweizerhof.

Drinks & lunches were served on the ice between every match by Hotel Schweizerhof.

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In 2018 scores & results were documented using cricHQ, Cricket Switzerland's online results partner.

Tournament Table

Pos Team  P  W  L  D  A Runs For Runs Against NRR Pts
1 Old Cholmeleians 3 3 0 0 0 355 315 +0.996 6
2 Lyceum Alpinum 3 2 1 0 0 403 333 +0.376 4
3 St Moritz CC 3 1 2 0 0 331 371 -0.179 2
4 Old Paulines 3 0 0 0 0 329 399 -1-185 0

Match Statistics





The officials for this event were Mr. Peter de Boeck (Umpire, Belgium), Mr. Rakbir Hasan (Umpire, Italy), Mr. Sunil Rajappan (Umpire, Engand), & Mr. Asvin Lakkaraju (Umpire, Switzerland).

Date Time Teams Umpires Scorers
Wed 7th February 7.30pm Pre-tournament meeting    
Thu 8th February 10am Match 1 PdB, AL BS & club scorers
  1pm Match 2 RH, SR club scorers
Fri 9th February 10am Match 3 RH, AL BS & club scorers
  1pm Match 4 PdB, SR ML & club scorers
Sat 10th February 10am Match 5 SR, PdB LK, AM
  1pm Match 6 RH, AL BS, ML
The officials from Cricket on Ice 2018
The umpires from Cricket on Ice 2018 (l-r): S.Rajappan, P.de Boeck, R.Hasan, A.Lakkaraju
Cricket on Ice 2018 - Rules & Regs.pdf
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If you would be interested in officiating at this event in the future please contact Alex Mackay.

Filming of Cricket On Ice 2018

German Cricket TV

In 2018 Daniel Weston and his team at German Cricket TV were at every match to catch all the action.

In addition to wicket-cams and cameras around the boundary, both umpires will also wore cameras in a chest harness to ensure we caught all the action at Cricket On Ice 2018.

Tournament Gala Dinner

Off the ice, the black-tie awards banquet will take place at the Hotel Steffani on Saturday evening from 7pm.

Old Cholmeleians XI, the 2018 Cricket On Ice trophy winners
Old Cholmeleians XI, the 2018 Cricket On Ice trophy winners


We are very grateful to the sponsors & supporters of Cricket On Ice 2018.

Further information

Photographs from 2018 Cricket on Ice Trophy are available in the 2017 gallery.

Further information on the Cricket on Ice Trophy is available from the St Moritz CC President, Mr John Hallam.

Press & media enquiries should be directed to Mr. Alexander Mackay.

Press Release - Cricket on Ice 2018.pdf
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