Cricket on Ice 2012

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The following teams will compete in the for 25th Cricket on Ice tournament:


- Cholmeleians Xl - Old Boys from Highgate School / UK

- Winterthur XI - British expatriates living in Switzerland

- Lyceum Alpinum XI - Old Boys from Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz / Switzerland

- St. Moritz Cricket XI - friends of Cricket on Ice


The nature of cricket is competitive but nevertheless based on fairness and friendship between the teams. ("For when the one great scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes - not that you won or lost, but how you played the game".)

Depending on the weather conditions, 20 to 25 overs per innings are played. St. Moritz is famous for sunshine. However, all outdoor events held in mid-winter are prone to adverse weather which could jeopardise the actual happening of matches.


Spectators are very welcome to follow this unique event.



Thursday, 16th Feb

  10am - 4pm
  Cholmeleians Xl vs Winterthur XI
Friday, 17th Feb   10am - 4pm

Cholmeleians Xl  vs Lyceum Alpinum XI
Winterthur XI  vs St. Moritz Cricket XI

Saturday, 18th Feb   10am - 4pm  

Winterthur XI  vs  Lyceum Alpinum XI
Cholmeleians Xl vs St. Moritz Cricket XI

Cricket on Ice 2012 - Press Coverage
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