Engadiner Bier

St Moritz Cricket Club is pleased to announce that Engadiner Bier will make a star appearance again at the bar at this year's Cricket on Ice tournament!

Willostox made from the finest English willow

About Engadiner Bier

One of the most important points is the harmony of the final product "beer" with the ingredients from nature. We do not rely on the purity law of Germany for all varieties, we make sure that the ingredients of the recipe are left as they were. So in plain language: no additional, unnecessary substances such as stabilizers and preservatives are included!

We also like to do without filtration and pasteurisation, because we want a product as pure as the Engadine. This has only a minor effect on the shelf life, so our beer can be kept for about 4-6 months from the date of maturation with the help of the preserving alcohol.

The natural product beer is delivered to the customer as safe as possible, but also as natural as possible.