Old Cholmeleians XI

Old Cholmeleians XI

The Old Cholmeleians are old boys of Highgate School, a private school situated in North London. Highgate pupils excel academically & in sport and there are many famous ex-pupils that include judges, solicitors, politicians, pop singers, athletes and even professional cricketers if you include Phil `Tuffers` Tufnell.

Old Cholmeleians XI at Cricket on Ice 2022
Old Cholmeleians XI at Cricket on Ice 2022

An Old Cholmeleians XI have been regular guests at Cricket on Ice since 1995.

Asked why he joins every year, David Forrester wrote: "The mad dogs and English 'Zaniness'; the romance of the experience; the style & ambience of St Moritz".

Jonathan Whitcombe added: "We love the picture-postcard scenery, the beautiful mountains in front and behind, the amazing Engadin blue sky (much of the time!) and light - the whole relaxing atmosphere of the resort. Fantastic mountain walks. It caters for all sorts, winter and summer".

Old Cholmeleians XI 2024

This year's OCs squad has been named as follows:

  1. John Zani *

  2. Edward Tse 

  3. John Bramhall

  4. Stephen Gray

  5. Ross McCaskill

  6. Marlon McCaskill

  7. Alex Thomas

  8. Pranav Bhatt

  9. Nirav Patel

  10. Isabelle Duncan (Izzy)

  11. Jules Schlagman

  12. Sam Khalique

  13. Mani Khalique +

  14. Greg Veal

  15. Mohsin W
    Scorer: Anup Vyas

Old Cholmeleians XI 2019
Old Cholmeleians XI 2019
Old Cholmeleians with David Moran (2017)
Old Cholmeleians with David Moran (2017)