Introducing Strokers CC 2023

Next in our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are #COI debutantes, the Strokers Cricket Club.


Formed in 2011, The Strokers are an aging bunch of cricketing bon viveurs, enlivened with a smattering of the next generation.  The Strokerts may not win the cricket but they expect to win the social!  

Strokers CC have links to Oundle School (Northhamptonshire) and the surrounding area.  They value the man above the player!

The Southwick Strokers Cricket Club
The Southwick Strokers Cricket Club

Strokers Cricket Club squad

The Strokers Cricket Club squad in 2023 lines up as follows:

  1. Tom Mardon

  2. Tim Kisiel *
  3. Jon Todd
  4. Tom Spencer
  5. David Dearden +
  6. Pat Boyle

  7. Alex De Capelle Brook

  8. Mark Middleton

  9. Simon Sperring
  10. Alex Sperring

  11. Jeremy ‘Toad’ Thompson
  12. Donald Alcorn
  13. Charles Wilcox

  14. Jonny Potter vc
  15. Henry Potter

    Scorer: Alex Sperring-Botella