Cricket on Ice 2023

(Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th February 2023)

Guards Cricket Club won the 2023 Cricket on Ice Trophy, beating hosts St Moritz Cricket Club by 9 wickets in the final on day four of the Twenty20 cricket tournament played on Saturday 18th February 2023.

COI 2023 finalists, Guards CC & St Moritz CC
COI 2023 finalists, Guards CC & St Moritz CC

With the support of St Moritz Tourism and other key sponsors, the event began on Wednesday 15th February and concluded with a finals’ day on Saturday 18th February 2023.

Competing Teams

The teams that competed in the four-day Twenty20 format 2023 Cricket On Ice Trophy were:

  Group 1        Group 2  

St Moritz Cricket Club



Strokers Cricket Club

(Northamptonshire, England)


Old Cholmeleians XI

(Highgate, London)


Roggenhorn Cricket Club

(Klosters, Switzerland)


Gussets Cricket Club

(London, England)


German Cricket Club

(Munich, Germany)


Lyceum Alpinum XI



Guards Cricket Club

(Chelsea, London)


Tournament Schedule

Date Time Activity  
  7pm Captains, Managers, Officials meeting (Hotel Sonne)
    Pitch 1 Pitch 2
Wednesday  Day 1
  10am Old Cholmeleians lost to St Moritz (1)
Strokers CC lost to Roggenhorn (2)
  1pm German CC lost to Guards CC (2) Lyceum Alpinum lost to Gussets CC (1)
Thursday Day 2  
  10am St Moritz CC  beat Gussets CC (1) German CC lost to Roggenhorn (2)
  1pm Guards CC beat Strokers CC (2) Old Cholmeleians beat Lyceum Alpinum (1)
Friday  Day 3


German CC v Strokers  CC (2)

Gussets CC v Old Cholmeleians (1)



St Moritz CC v Lyceum Alpinum (1)


Guards CC v Roggenhorn (2)
Saturday  Day 4
  9.45am 3rd place v 3rd place 4th place v 4th place
  12.45pm 1st place v 1st place 2nd place v 2nd place
  7pm Tournament Dinner at Hotel Steffani

Fixtures & results

Table Pool 1

Results Pool 1

Table Pool 2

Results Pool 2

Finals Day results

Final Table


The team of officials for the 2023 event were made up of eleven umpires - Peter de Boeck (B), Onesimus Koilraj (CH), Alex Mackay (CH), Andrew Scott (B), Steve Tripp (B), Vaishakha Parvathaiah (CH), Jochen Geraedts (NL), Chamith K. Deemantha (CH), Viyasan Jeganathan (CH), Said Slemakhel (CH), Satish Kumar (CH) and eight scorers - Miriam Lodge (SMCC), Anup Vyas (OCs), Laurie Skitts (LAZ), Philipp Bächstädt (German CC), Timothy West (Gussets), Pippa Lawton (Roggenhorns) & from Strokers and Guards.

Umpires 2023

COI 2023 umpires

(l-r) (top row) Peter de Boeck, Onesimus Koilraj, Steve Tripp, Andrew Scott, Said Slemankhel, Viyasan Jeganathan

(bottom row) Jochen Geraedts, Chamith Karannagodage, Satish Kumar, Alex Mackay (missing: Vaishakha Parvathaiah)

If you would be interested in joining a future event as an official please contact Alex Mackay.

Catering on the Lake

The catering located next to the cricket pitches provided warm lunches for the players and officials and a bar serving drinks (beer, wine, tea and soft drinks).

Drinks & lunches will be served on the ice between every match by Hotel Schweizerhof.

Tournament Gala Dinner

The Tournament Gala Dinner was held at the Hotel Steffani on Saturday 18th February 2023 starting with an apéro at 7pm, compliments of the hotel.


We thank all our sponsors & partners for their support in making the event in 2023 possible.

We are always looking to partner with additional sponsors for future events.

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