Introducing David Wormald

At the Cricket on Ice Trophy 2022 we have a new addition to the officials team, Mr David Wormald. We asked David to share a few words of introduction with us, and we are very happy to introduce David to the wider Cricket on Ice community in this article.

David Wormald
David Wormald

Synchronicity! When this keen alpine skier whose home cricket club plays on a golf course (3rd hole, 500+yds Par 5, wide fairway (no surprise there) dogleg left with a narrow neck and very tight green, personal best bogey, since you ask) came across the chance to be part of a cricket tournament on a lake it was the classic no brainer to volunteer my services as umpire for the newly enlarged format.  

An ECB ACO C4 umpire I stand at Mill Hill as well as other schools in the early part of the English cricket season and then in the Hertfordshire Saracens Premier League when school is out.  

I still field in the slips and bat in the middle order but do both of these things poorly and only when we are short of better players.
Batsmen might be reassured to hear that, since playing conditions are likely to be a mite chilly during Cricket on Ice, this umpire’s finger is likely to be much in his pocket, if only to keep his hands warm. But then, if you’re out, you’re out!

David Wormald

You can meet David at the next Cricket on Ice (17-19.2.2022).