27th Cricket on Ice tournament

(Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th February 2016)

Lyceum Alpinum won the 27th Cricket on Ice tournament (18-20.2.2016) with three wins from three against St. Moritz CC, Cossonay CC & Old Chomeleians.

Cricket on Ice 2016 (18-20 February 2016)
Cricket on Ice 2016 (18-20 February 2016) played on the snow covered St Moritz lake

Ground preparations took place in splendid sunny alpine conditions. However, it was soon discovered that the Lyceum Alpinum, although delivering the mat, cricket equipment and stumps in plenty of time, had fogotten to bring the nails used to secure the matting to the ice.


After a 20 minutes delay while the van dashed off back to Zuoz to return with the nails and a hammer, the tournament was able to start, resulting in a narrow 12 run win for Old Cholmeleians, the English tourists, over the hosts St Moritz Cricket Club.
That same afternoon the hosts posted an easy 9 wicket victory over tournament debutants Cossonay Cricket Club from the Suisse-Romandie.

On day two of the tournament Old Cholmeleians & Cossonay began the day with a surprising one-sided affair resulting in a 3 wicket victory for Cossonay.
In the afternoon the weather conditions deteriorated somewhat and in a game interspersed with snow-showers, the Lyceum Alpinum beat their hosts & neighbours St Moritz.

With all teams equal with one victory each, the tournament was wide open and there was everything to play for at the start of day three.

The Lyceum beat the Old Cholmeleians quite convincingly, meaning that the afternoon game against Lyceum & Cossonay was in effect the tournament final. Cossonay posted 99 runs in their allotted 20 overs which proved insufficient, Leroy Anderson hitting the only six of the tournament to win the match by 4 wkts with 2 balls to spare.

Match schedule & results

Thursday 18th February
Time Match                              



Old Cholmeleians XI 131-6 (20.0 overs) beat

St Moritz CC 119ao (20.0 overs) by 12 runs


P.de Boeck , A.Mackay




Cossonay CC 77-7 (20.0 overs) lost to

St Moritz CC  78-1 (10.0 overs) by 9 wkts


A.Mackay, A.Sheth


Friday 19th February
Time Match   Officials



Old Cholmeleians XI 78ao (17.1 overs) lost to
Cossonay CC 79-7 (18.2 overs) by 3 wkts


A.Mackay, P.de Boeck




St Moritz CC 52ao (17.2 overs) lost to

Lyceum Alpinum XI 53-1 (8.5 overs) by 9 wkts


P.De Boeck, A.Sheth


Saturday 20th February
Time Match   Officials



Old Cholmeleians XI 86-9 (20.0 overs) lost to

Lyceum Alpinum XI 90-3 (16.1 overs) by 7 wkts


P.de Boeck, A.Sheth




Cossonay CC 99-9 (20 overs) lost to

Lyceum Alpinum XI 104-6 (19.4 overs) by 4 wkts


A.Mackay, P.de Boeck


As in previous years, drinks & lunches were served on the ice between every match by Hotel Schweizerhof.


Pos. Team   P     W 
F (r/o) A (r/o) NRR  Pts.
1 Lyceum Alpinum XI             3 3 0 0 247/44.4 237/57.2 +1.42 6
2 Cossonay Cricket Club  3 1 0 2 265/58.2 260/49.4 +0.42 2
3 St Moritz Cricket Club       3 1 0 2 249/50.0 241/48.5 +0.01 2
4 Old Cholmeleians XI 3 1 0 2 295/60.0 288/54.3 -0.38 2


The umpires with the HM Ambassador, Mr. David Moran (second left)
The umpires with the HM Ambassador, Mr. David Moran (second left)

The officials for this event were all qualified umpires organised by the Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (swissFOCUS):


  • Alexander Mackay
  • Peter de Boeck
  • Clive Denney
  • Amitabh Sheth


If you would be interested in officiating at an event in the future, please contact Alex Mackay.

Tournament black-tie gala dinner

Off the ice, the black-tie awards banquet took place at the Hotel Steffani on Saturday evening with guest speaker HM Ambassador David Moran.

The evening was eloquently compered by John Zani (OC).

Master of Ceremonies, Mr. John Zani
Master of Ceremonies, Mr. John Zani

After a short speech by the SMCC President, Mr. John Hallam, thanking the organisers & sponsors, keynote speaker the HM Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. David Moran, addressed the guests.

David spoke of the role sport plays in the integration & bringing together of nations. He also spoke of the importance of the economical ties between the two countries and the historical relationship between Britain and Switzerland, in particular St Moritz, where winter-tourism was established by the two nations.

Lyceum were presented the trophy, while the champagne moment went to Chris Lodge (SMCC) for a stunning catch on the first day and the golden duck was jointly awarded to two individuals, one for two successive ducks and the other for a diamond duck on his debut in this event.

Media coverage

Cricket on Ice 2016 featured on the from cover of "Aktuell", Engadine's events & calendar programme.

The Cricket on Ice Trophy also featured in the "Engadiner Post" on Saturday 20th February, the "Tages Anzeiger" on Monday 22nd February and on the BBC World Service Radio's "Stumped" on Saturday 27th February 2016.

Britishes Flair auf Schnee (Engadiner Post, 20.2.16)
Britishes Flair auf Schnee (Engadiner Post, 20.2.16)
Verrückte Gentlemen (Tages Anzeiger, 22.2.16)
Verrückte Gentlemen (Tages Anzeiger, 22.2.16)
Aktuell (Events Programme Engadin)
Aktuell (Events Programme Engadin)
BBC World Service (Stumped, 27.2.2016)
BBC World Service (Stumped, 27.2.2016)
"House and Garden" - Financial Times (13.2.2016)
"House and Garden" - Financial Times (13.2.2016)

Photographs of this year's Cricket on Ice are available in the gallery and from the Cricket on Ice website.

Further information

Further information on the Cricket on Ice Trophy is available from the St Moritz CC President, Mr John Hallam.

Press & media enquiries should be directed to Mr. Alexander Mackay.


The next Cricket on Ice event will take place from Thursday 23rd - Saturday 25th February 2017.


Please check Past events for reports on other Cricket on Ice tournaments.