Match schedule 2022

The match schedule for Cricket On Ice 2022 has been announced. As is traditional, the Old Cholmeleians will start the tournament and will face the Touring Cavaliers.

Three matches for each team and each time a different opposition will (hopefully) determine the 2022 trophy winners!

Date Time Activity  
  5pm Captains, Managers, Officials meeting (Hotel Sonne)
  7pm Pre-tournament apéro (tba)
    Pitch 1 Pitch 2
Thursday  Day 1
  10am Old Cholmeleians v Touring Cavaliers 
  11.30am   St. Moritz CC v AID UK CC
  1pm Lyceum Alpinum XI v Penguins XI
  8pm Draw for Saturday to ensure teams do not meet twice
Friday  Day 2



Loser game B v Winner game C


Winner game A v Loser game C



  Winner game B v Loser game A
Saturday  Day 3
  10am Team 1 v Team 2  
  11.30am   Team 3 v Team 4
  1pm Team 5 v Team 6  
  7pm Tournament Dinner at Hotel Steffani

Refer to the "Team Information" for details on all the teams at Cricket On Ice 2022.