Introducing WCL 2024

The next team in our series of introductions of teams participating in the Cricket On Ice Trophy in 2023 are #COI debutantes WCL Sports Management.

WCL Sports Management

In the upcoming weeks, WCL Sports Management embark on a journey with a contingent of 15 players and three officials and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. 


WCL Sports Management is a dynamic and forward-thinking sports marketing company headquartered in the vibrant city of Delhi. Taking immense pride in their role as a one-stop solution provider in the exciting realm of sports, events, and talent development, their multifaceted expertise encompasses sports training, grassroots initiatives, professional sports programs, recreational activities, and the meticulous organization of sports events and have an impressive track record, garnering the trust of renowned brands such as Vodafone, Relaxo, Tata Motors, Chaayos, Airtel, BMW, and Hero Group, who have confidently chosen us to orchestrate their internal cricket tournaments.

It's worth noting that the revenue generated from our endeavors directly contributes to the mission of WCL Foundation. This foundation serves as the driving force behind WCL Sports Management Pvt Ltd, and are deeply committed to addressing various societal challenges pertaining to sports, education, equality, and access. The overarching mission is to empower individuals, harness the power of technology for innovation, disseminate knowledge, and create shared value that enriches lives, actively collaborating with charitable organisations, development agencies, and communities to initiate profound social change on a significant scale within India.