Introducing Sathish K. Shanmugam

At the Cricket on Ice Trophy 2024 we welcome Mr Sathish Kumar Shanmugam to the team of officials. We asked Sathish to share a few words of introduction with us, and are very happy to introduce him to the wider Cricket on Ice community in this article.

Sathish Kumar Shanmugam
Sathish Kumar Shanmugam

Sathish Kumar Shanmugam, Computer Science/IT Professional basically from Chennai is an ardent Cricket fan especially Chennai Super Kings. Having lived/worked in three different continents (Asia, Europe, Americas), Sathish has finally found his home in Switzerland. Being a tropical animal, Cricket on Ice is still a dream come true for him.

Occasionally off spinner at the club cricket, Sathish found his new hobby of umpiring in the last few years and made his Cricket on Ice debut in 2023.

Rules and numbers are his favourites being an umpire and a programmer.  

You can meet Sathish at Cricket on Ice 2024 (14-17.2.2024).