Introducing Steve Tripp

At the Cricket on Ice Trophy 2024 we welcome Mr Steve Tripp once again to the team of officials. We asked Steve to share a few words of introduction with us, and are very happy to introduce him to the wider Cricket on Ice community in this article.

Steve Tripp
Steve Tripp

Steve has been umpiring for thirteen years and has officiated all around Europe with twenty-four T20i to his name.

He as a regular umpire at the MCL, at which last year in Montenegro Steve umpired at a match with players like of Brad Hogg, Brett Lee & Darren Mady.

Additionally, Steve was the tournament manager for the WCT20 in Belgium in 2022, a country where he has lived for the last 13 years, and where he is also a football manager of under 15s and 13s back in his home town in Belgium.

You can meet Steve at Cricket on Ice 2024 (14-17.2.2024).