Match schedule 2024

The provisional match schedule for Cricket On Ice Trophy 2024 has been announced.

           Group 1                                Group 2                  

St Moritz Cricket Club



Old Cholmeleians XI



Guards CC



Lyceum Alpinum XI



German CC



Touring Cavaliers CC



WCL Sports Management



Roggenhorn CC


Date Time Activity  
  7pm Captains, Managers, Officials meeting (Hotel Sonne)
    Pitch 1 Pitch 2
Wednesday  Day 1
  10am St Moritz v Guards CC
Old Cholmeleians v LAZ
  1pm German CCWCL Cavaliers v Roggenhorn
Thursday Day 2  
  10am LAZ v Roggenhorn
St Moritz v German CC
  1pm Cholmeleians v Cavaliers Guards CC v WCL
Friday  Day 3


German CC v Guards CC

Roggenhorn v Old Cholmeleians



St Moritz WCL Cavaliers LAZ
Saturday  Day 4
  9.45am 3rd place v 3rd place 4th place v 4th place
  12.45pm 1st place v 1st place 2nd place v 2nd place
  7pm Tournament Dinner at Hotel Laudinella

Refer to the "Team Information" for details on all the teams at Cricket On Ice 2024.

St Moritz Cricket Club
Old Cholmeleians XI
Lyceum Alpinum XI
Touring Cavaliers CC

German Cricket Club
Guards CC
WCL Sports Management