HM Ambassador to attend COI

St Moritz, 8th September 2016 - by Alex Mackay

HM Ambassador David Moran (Cricket on Ice 2016)
HM Ambassador David Moran at Cricket on Ice (23.2.2016)

HM Ambassador David Moran has confirmed that he will attend Cricket on Ice on Saturday 25th February 2017.

This is the second consecutive year that David would have attended the Cricket on Ice Trophy.

By his own admittance, David is "an enthusiastic spectator".


"Last year David addressed our guests at the tournament dinner & awarded the individual and winning trophies. And no doubt he will be involved again this coming year", said Cricket on Ice Vice-President, Alexander Mackay. "We are delighted that David will return to St Moritz to witness the cricket on the lake once again and join our guests at the tournament dinner later the same evening.  

We look forward to welcoming him and Carol to share in the delights of St Moritz and Cricket on Ice."