COI 2021 cancelled

COI 2021 cancelled

Cricket On Ice 2021 becomes the latest victim of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

St Mortz Cricket Club, the organisers & hosts of Cricket on Ice, the annual cricket tournament that takes places on the frozen lake of St Moritz each February, has announced that the 2021 event has had to be cancelled.

The latest Swiss federal government measures, that came into effect on Thursday 5th November, introduced to slow infection rates in the second wave of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, have meant that the organising committee could not commit to staging the event with sufficient confidence.

The prospect of an affective vaccine is a promising one, but our top priority of the committee is the health & safety of the participants, the players & officials, their families & friends, and at this conjuncture, we still do not know how this pandemic will continue and what measures will be enforced.

Current limits of 50 attendees for any event (even with masks), would severely hinder the amount of players & supporters being admitted to the ground at any one time. Spectators would not be admitted. Socialising between teams would be negatively affected and the tournament dinner would be severely impacted, to the point it could not be realised.  Above all that, teams travelling from the UK are still facing quarantine requirements when returning to the UK.

The committee has taken the difficult & regretful decision to postpone the event. Old Cholmeleians, Penguins Cricket Club & Lyceum Alpinum will all be invited to join St. Moritz CC on the lake in 2021.

Further information

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Please get in touch with the organising committee at St Moritz Cricket Club if you have any questions.