Gussets XI

Gussets Cricket Club

The Gussets were formed in 1988 and were named after the famous Victorian seamstress Florence Gusset (long story).

The Gussets are made up of cricket enthusiasts who became friends whilst playing school and university cricket with and against each other. Having played together for 35 years they know each others weaknesses and long forgotten our strengths.


This is their third overseas tour following South Africa in 1996/97 and Bordeaux in 2021. Now the wrong side of 50 – whilst their bodies may be broken, rather tragically their competitive spirit is not. Hoping the ice is nice and thick or we may lose a few of our more prosperous players.

#COI Trophy 2023 participants & debutantes Gussets XI
#COI Trophy 2023 participants & debutantes Gussets XI

Gussets XI

The Gussets XI squad will be announced in due course:

  1. Richard Waller *
  2. Robert Jardine-Brown
  3. Jasper Berens
  4. Sid Inglis
  5. Edward Longfield
  6. Giles Morgan
  7. James Coulton
  8. Gavin Owston
  9. Paul Davies-Jones
  10. Jamie McCallum +
  11. Simon Gilbert
  12. Mark Durden-Smith
  13. Simon Barber
    Scorer: Timothy West