Covid-19 in 2021

European Cricket Network

As time goes on it appears more likely than we will be living with the Covid-19 virus in 2021.


The COI executive are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, and contingency plans are being made.

For instance, we are not sure if we can stage the tournament dinner in the same form as previous years, but have drawn up a few scenarios that could act as alternatives.


"The St Moritz Tourist Board are fully behind the event", states John Hallam, President St Moritz Cricket Club and chairman of the COI organising committee.

So the event is almost certain to proceed, but we may have to adapt to whatever restrictions or regulations are placed before us.


To assist those planning to attend the event, particularly from foreign lands, the COI organising committee have assembled a list of recommendations and made a few assurances of their own:

  • The executive will offer a full refund of their participation fee in the event they cannot participate due to the Covid-19.
  • This does not extend to travel & accommodation costs, so the executive recommend individuals are able to cancel at minimum cost and have sufficient travel insurance.
  • As in previous years, the cricket is not guaranteed and in the case of not being able to play on the ice (for instance because of bad weather), will try to offer an alternative.

For further information & updates on the situation, please refer to the Cricket On Ice website.