AID UK CC is a team of dentists from UK. About three years ago, few cricket tragic dentists met at a dental conference in London and were mulling over how they can meet more often to play/watch the game they love.

Being based all over England and with family and work commitments it was not possible to enter a team in league cricket. So we ended up forming a social cricket team that plays friendly cricket once a month. We wanted to play cricket in the right spirit and with ethos of enjoying the game and getting everyone involved rather than just out right results.

In the last three years AID UK CC has gone from strength to strength and play at some stunning grounds across England. We have been together on tours of Iceland, Portugal and Corfu.


The AID UK CC squad will be announced in due course:

  1. Amit
  2. Brij
  3. Digant
  4. Sandeep
  5. Naveen
  6. Moonis
  7. Vipul
  8. Vipin
  9. Gaurav
  10. Prahsant
  11. Rosh
  12. Sumod
  13. Kandarp
  14. Romit
    Scorer: tbc