Team Application

It is a special kind of game played at the Cricket on Ice tournament, demanding quite a lot from the players. Fast reactions, both physical and mental, are required for each match, lasting approximately 3 hours. Exciting shots, fast-bowled deliveries, cricket balls flying as quick as arrows, spectacular acrobatic leaps & dives to catch the ball, all combined with an almost elegant use of the bat...welcome to Cricket on Ice!

On Lake St. Moritz, the game is slightly different to traditional cricket. The ball is made of hard rubber (a traditional leather ball gets wet, heavy and unpredictable on the snow-covered ice). And because of the altitude, the ball travels further in the air.


The pitch is made of artificial grass (matting). Under the weathered hard and soft snow, you can hear the ice crack! In summer, players tread the meticulously prepared grass with an eerie silence. Every step on Lake St. Moritz makes crunching sounds. Whether the players score their runs enthusiastically or with nonchalance, their performance is celebrated by all!

Information for all teams - 2014
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